Welcome to the “Sustainability RAP”: Sustainability & Social Innovation Residential Academic Program


SSI RAP CU Boulder is the acronym for: Sustainability and Social Innovation Residential Academic Program

The focus of this unique RAP is to provide a fertile academic and social environment – one that is active (and pro-active), engaged around issues of importance that are relevant to our interdependence as human beings and all life on a finite planet.

The first-year student’s experience as a member of this community is multifaceted and interdisciplinary.  Students with many interests will experience the benefits of a RAP as they become active in it.  Our interdependence is the key to solving some of the toughest issues of the day.  Through every aspect of the year-long program the RAP experience here will be rewarding and memorable.

Williams Village North Residence Hall, or “WV40°N” – its location is on Baseline Road at the 40th parallel – is the largest LEED Platinum residence hall in the U.S.  The beauty, light and amenities of the building have earned it high approval ratings among students.

The program is unique in that there are two colleges participating – offering courses and community activities.  Along with SSI RAP, the Sustainable by Design RAP engages Engineering students through some of the same courses and in shared activities.  Program faculty and staff seek a critical  engagement of students in the diversity of global challenges, from resource depletion to climate change to poverty and economic instability. Our teaching faculty bring a variety of experience and expertise to the subjects of sustainability & social innovation.

There are four SSI RAP courses available in Fall 2015 to all participating students:  SSIR 1010, the Social Innovation & Sustainability course; SUST 1010, the Sustainability foundations course; COEN 1410, the Design for Sustainable Communities course; WRTG 1150, the writing & rhetoric course.  Work emphasizes collaborative problem-solving and social innovation – through design, debate, planning, project development, writing, and creative enterprise.  Class sizes are 19-23 students, and you can get there in your slippers!

Students arrive to Cal-Wood